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From 3 939 sek


From 14 100 sek


From 2 020 sek

Skateboard hook

563 SEK

Rumba & Molo stool

2,750 SEK


130 SEK

You tea set

475 SEK

Sindy cloth hanger

1,565 SEK

Rosary lamp

6,995 SEK

Rock7 chair skids

1,150 SEK


130 SEK


5,937 SEK

Me coffee cup

320 SEK

Lust teapot

1,200 SEK

Leaf hanger

595 SEK


90 SEK

Grandma shade

399 SEK

Girl lamp

12,000 SEK


90 SEK

Emperor lamp

1,795 SEK

Doily Gold

90 SEK

Cork weave rug

670 SEK


3,500 SEK

Birds & Heart

90 SEK

Bird hanger

595 SEK

Babylone lamp

7,438 SEK

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LADP represents Scandinavian product designers, both well known and upcoming talents. Currently we have contemporary award winning products as well as what we believe are future classics. Our main function is to be a link between product designers and the international market. We manage production, marketing and distribution according to each project needs. Our strength lies within our network and in the ability to create alliances that generate successful solutions for each project.